About us

Gulfnet Communications Co. (Gulfnet) is one of the main information and communication technology (ICT) providers, serving large ​enterprises, government, banking & finance, small and mid-size businesses for more than 23 years. Established in 1991 in Kuwait, Gulfnet was the first to provide internet services in the Gulf region. While our history gives you comfort that we’ll be here for a long time, we are an agile company that strives to provide you great service and responsive support. Over the years we have focused our efforts on improving our people, infrastructure, products and services by constantly seeking the latest developments in the field of technology. Today we are proud to be where we are as pioneers leading the way forward.

Gulfnet is a subsidiary of United Networks, which is a part of KIPCO Group. The KIPCO Group is one of the biggest holding companies in the Middle East and North Africa, with consolidated assets of US$ 31.3 billion as at 31 March 2015. The Group has significant ownership interests in over 60 companies operating across 24 countries. The group’s main business sectors are financial services, media, real estate and manufacturing. Through its core companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, KIPCO also has interests in the education and medical sectors. Learn more about KIPCO.